Sub’r Bowl Review: Blimpie

[NOTE: This blog posting is very belated, and it is significantly shorter than the other Sub’r Bowl posts.]

This week’s sub shop in the Sub’r Bowl is Blimpie, which you might find in anywhere from a franchise store in New York City to a Hess gas station in Florida. Blimpie rounds out the National Chain, over 1000 Locations Division, as well as the Sub’r Bowl itself!

Blimpie offers pretty much the same sort of fare you find at Subway. They change it up by offering it on different kinds of bread, as well as offering giant party subs. The price, quality and overall taste were pretty much the same, though, so Blimpie isn’t a standout in any respect.

As usual I ordered an Italian sub, which I could customize with the different toppings they had available. While the topping bar wasn’t quite as extensive as Subway, they had everything I would ever want on a sub. The combo was the usual chips and a drink, so there was nothing special there.

The sandwich tasted pretty good, but it was very middle-of-the-road compared to the top contenders we’d already experienced. The bread was the only thing that made it better than Subway, but I don’t think I’m going to go out of my way to find a Blimpie solely for the bread. Blimpie is solely a franchise affair, with no company owned stores, so the experience is going to vary from store to store. While the experience did not compare favorably to a New York City Blimpie for Greg, I found it fairly comparable to my past experiences with the chain.

I rated the following categories:

  • Bread: 6
  • Sandwich Stuff: 3
  • Price/Value: 6
  • Non-sandwich Stuff: 3
  • Bonus points: 0
  • Total: 18 points

It’s hard to believe we’ve visited 16 sub shops and rated them all. It’s been a fun experience, not just from visiting the stores, but from the enjoyment of taking a break each week for a bit of fun discussing the nonsense of why one particular sub is better than another. We’re going to try to have a playoff to find out who’s the best, and when we do I’ll post the results!

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