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PSE Compared to PHP

PHP users can make the transition to Python much more quickly and easily using PSE rather than straight mod_python and other templating tools. This is because PSE can use an embedded model like PHP does, while still leaving you with the ability to move to a servlet model.

This example was taken from an example described in the article "User-Friendly Form Validation with PHP and CSS" by Jeff Cogswell, published at on 04/22/2004. Some changes were made to fix obvious errors in the sample code provided in the article.

Here is the original PHP code, translated directly to PSE:

The original PHP code from the article.
A direct translation of the PHP to a PSE template.

Alternatively, here is how one might separate the HTML and Python code using PSE's model:
An alternate implementation providing only the template portion.
The accompanying logic portion for the alternate implementation.

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