3.2 Configuring PSE

PSE's behavior is controlled by it's configuration file, pse.conf. This file uses the standard .ini file format made popular in Windows 3.0. You can see how to change the location of the PSE configuration file in section 3.1.4.

The file is made up of sections and options. A section is a line with an open square bracket, the section name, and a close square bracket. An option is a line with the option name, an equal sign and the value of the option. Comments are lines that begin with a semi-colon or an octothorpe (aka a pound sign or hash symbol).

An example looks like this:

;; MaxBuffer is the maximum buffer size for file reads
MaxBuffer = 131072

;; MemoryCacheSize is the maximum number of compiled files to keep in memory
;; per server process.  Note that templates and the modules that go with
;; them count as two separate files, even though they execute as a single
;; servlet.  You may disable caching by specifying a value of 0 here.
;; The default is 100.
MemoryCacheSize = 100

In that example, the section is Main. The option MaxBuffer is set to the value 131072. The option MemoryCacheSize is set to 100.

In the following sections, we'll talk about the different sections and the options in each. In addition, we'll try to provide some advice about how to set them correctly for your setup.