5.2.5 pse.plugins.server -- information about the server process handling the request

As well as providing you with some basic information about the server, the pse.plugins.server module also gives you an interface to apache's logging facility.

A tuple of the server's IP address and port.

The number of the server's child process currently handling the request.

Similar to address, but it is a string containing only the IP address.

The current logging level set for the server. This can be tested against the logging levels listed below.

log( message[, level])
This function makes a log entry message in apache's ErrorLog file using level notification level. These levels are analogous to the internal apache notification levels.

The logging levels available for use in the log function and for comparison to log_level are as follows:

This can be used to provide general information about the state of the application. This is the lowest non-debug logging level and is usually not logged by apache by default.
This is just a normal log entry for notification of certain events that do not necessarily indicate an error. This is usually the lowest level that is logged by apache by default. This is the default level for the log function if no level is speficied.
This level can indicate a potential problem without necessarily indicating an error in the application.
This level is almost always logged by apache and indicates an error in the application.
This is the lowest level that apache will log and usually has to be explicitly turned on in the apache configuration file to see messages logged at this level. This can be used to generate messages to aid in debugging an application that you would not normally see in a production environment.