5. The PSE API

This chapter explains the Application Program Interface for PSE. There are three parts of the API that can be used to develop applications in PSE. The first is the pse module and plugin modules. The second is by creating your own plugin module that can be used as part of the pse module along side of the standard plugins. The third is using the Custom Tag API to allow HTML designers to build and use Python objects in HTML without having to learn any Python.

The standard pse and plugin modules are global and available without having to explicitly import them, although you can do so to import only certain parts or just from completeness of code sake. Third party plugins will also be available in the same manner.

The Custom Tag API is different in that it is read only once at startup time and is used by all requests. Therefore, you would want to explicitly import pse and any plugin module in your tag classes if you needed to use any attribute or method from those modules.