7.1 psecompile


Recursively compiles all PSE source files in a directory tree to optimized servlets. Normal Python modules that are not associated with a PSE template are compiled to .pyo files. Any other file is simply copied.

Optimized compiled servlets have a .pto extension. This helps to distinguish them from normal compiled templates ending in .ptc. If a .pto file exists, any other .pt/.ptc plus .py pair will be ignored, and only the .pto file will be executed, regardless of the relative timestamps. If you alter either of the servlet source files, you must either remove the compiled servlet or recompile it using the psecompile utility.

OPTIONS can be:

-h, --help
This help message.
-c, --config=file
Use a different pse.conf file than the default.
-v, --verbose
Produce information about each file processed.

SOURCE is the source directory that contains .pt and .py files to be compiled.

DESTINATION is the destination directory for the compiled .ptc files. If the directory does not exist, then it will be created.

If DESTINATION is not specified, the SOURCE directory is used.