Python Powered

Python Servlet Engine

"So simple and elegant, yet extremely powerful."

— PSE User

NOTE: The PSE Project is officially closed as of 3/28/2010, however this web site remains as a reference for those who wish to continue using PSE.

PSE 3.0 Now Available!

PSE 3.0 represents over a year of effort in making PSE faster, more stable, and compatible with an Apache 2.0 threaded server. Some of the great new features include:

See a more detailed list of changes, or download PSE 3.0 now!

Internet Applications with the Power of Python

Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It is being used successfully in business, government, science and gaming around the world. PSE brings the power of Python to your organization by providing a simple yet powerful framework for developing fast and reliable internet applications.

Integrated Template Parser

PSE allows HTML developers to use what they know best -- HTML! All PSE templates are HTML/xHTML compliant, making it quick and easy for interface designers to concentrate on builting the user interface, not on learning special template notation or programming.

Compiled Servlets Run Faster

PSE parses templates once, turns them into a Python script and then compiles them to Python byte code for subsequent requests. Or, you can compile all your templates and Python modules offline into optimized byte code and never exprerience the delay of parsing the template or your Python modules on your production server. And, since PSE works as an apache handler, the Python interpreter is always in memory.

Built in Python, Extended in Python

Since PSE is built in Python, it can be extended using Python and all of the existing third party modules available. PSE has a flexible plugin architecture that lets your code interact directly with apache and provide custom services to your application. Or, you can take advantage of PSE's Custom Tag hooks that let you provide your own custom HTML tags for templates, powered by Python code. Build your interfaces with simple custom tags, and use Python to generate complex HTML and data!