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"So simple and elegant, yet extremely powerful."

— PSE User

How to Get PSE

The Python Servlet Engine was originally distributed commercially exclusively through GAI Inc.PSE is now an open source project, under the Lesser GNU Public License.

Thanks to all the PSE 3.0 beta testers who helped make a stable PSE possible!

See the Changelogfor information on new and changed features, as well as the Upgrade Guide. A mailing list for PSE usershas been set up. Please visit subscribe.

You can download the latest release version:

PSE 4.0 (beta)

PSE 4.0 is now in beta! PSE 4.0 features a WSGI implementation, as well as an official CGI implementation and extensible infrastructure to implement other gateways. You can download the latest beta version:

Alternatively, you can get the latest source code using subversion at

As always, please send feedback and bug reports to (at)

Last Update: 1/19/08

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